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This page contains various micellaneous works by Roy (me!) and others. Recent additions are shown in larger print.

Cat Flinging


(If you liked Cat Flinging, also read How to Bathe a Cat.)

Download your own Cat Splat Game. 553 kb download. (Windows version)

Note: This game requires vbrun.dll. If you get an error running the game: search Windows to see if the file already exists in another directory and then copy the file to the game directory where you need it. Or download the file from the internet and install it into the appropriate directory:
DLL-Files.com: Lots of DLL files.
DLL World: A large collection of *.dll, *.ocx, *.vxd files.

A Day in the Life of Johnny Rotten: Episode One, Campaign 2000

michele johnston, dan ploaich and dave wills- comedy skit

Diary of Living in Iowa

dr. michael t. sanborn, d.o.

Discussion of Tocqueville's Democracy in America

roy johnston- essay

Fall on Harold's Farm

roy johnston- fiction

Overpopulation and Population Control

roy johnston- research/persuasion paper

The Rolgan Stories

roy johnston- fiction

So, Good-bye, Doc, and Thanks

dr. michael t. sanborn, d.o.- fiction

Sun-Moon Poems

roy johnston- poetry

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